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'''ISO 3166-2:RW''' is anète 'n'[[ISO]]Organizzazione standard'Ndernaziunale whichpe definesle [[geocodeStandardizzazioni|ISO]]s. stàndàrd Itca isdìce thele subsetcodece ofgeografeche: [[ISO 3166-2]]'nu thatsotto applies'nzieme tode [[Rwanda]]. Each two-part code consists of thel' [[ISO 3166-12]] codeca for Rwanda (s'''RW''') andapplechesce a two-digit'u number[[Ruanda]].
== Newsletters ==
*[[ISO 3166-2:2007-04-17]] - forp'u RwandaRuanda, updatedaggiornate tol'applicazione applya tole newnuève administrativestrutture structureamministrative.
==CodesListe de le codece ==
Stonne le codece pe le 4 provinge e 'nu consiglie de cetate (signete cu l'*).
There are codes for four provinces and one town council (marked with *).
! <code>RW-01</code>
| [[KigaliProvinge Provincede Kigali, RwandaRuanda|VilleCetate de Kigali]]*
! <code>RW-02</code>
| [[Provinge de l'Est, Ruanda|Provinge de l'Est]]
| [[East Province, Rwanda|Est Province]] (East)
! <code>RW-03</code>
| [[Provinge d'u Nord, Ruanda|Provinge d'u Nord]]
| [[North Province, Rwanda|Nord Province]] (North)
! <code>RW-04</code>
| [[Provinge de l'Ovest, Ruanda|Provinge de l'Ovest]]
| [[West Province, Rwanda|Ouest Province]] (West)
! <code>RW-05</code>
| [[Provinge d'u Sud|Provinge d'u Sud]]
| [[South Province|Sud Province]] (South)
==See alsoVide pure ==
*[[ISO 3166-12]], the'a referencetaggelle tablede forriferimende allpe countrytutte codesle codece de le reggione.
*[[ISO 3166-1]], 'a taggelle de riferimende pe tutte le codece de le paise, ca s'ause cumme a 'u dominie de [[Indernette]].
*[[ISO 3166-2]], the reference table for all country region codes
*[[ProvincesProvinge ofd'u RwandaRuanda]]
[[Category:GeographySciugrafije ofd'u RwandaRuanda]]
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